Accounts reconciliation is the process of verifying an organization’s financial records and transactions in order to detect discrepancies, if any and to reconcile the same. Efficient bank account reconciliation is vital for auditors to determine the correctness of a company’s financial statements and to ensure compliance with regulatory/ statutory requirements.

Since accounts reconciliation services is an activity that requires painstaking effort and an eye for detail, it is best outsourced. If accounting reconciliation is not your core competency, why not consider outsourcing account reconciliation services to a financial expert like DDNA Solutions.

At DDNA we have both expertise and experience in this area. Outsource accounts reconciliation to us and stay assured of error-free services.

DDNA’s Accounts Reconciliation Services.

At DDNA, we have a team of experienced accountants who will interact with your accounts department to understand your bank account reconciliation requirements. After thoroughly understanding your requirements, we will devise a customized solution that will effectively address your needs.

Our accounting reconciliation services include the following:
  • Reconciliation of your bank statements with the records maintained by your organization.
  • Reconciliation of credit card statements sent out to customers with that of your internal records.
  • Invoice matching with your ledger and journal entries.
  • Partial reconciliation services.
  • Full reconciliation services.
  • Sequencing of checks.

Outsourcing account reconciliation services to DDNA can give you access to the following benefits:
  • Reduction in administrative and accounting expenses.
  • mproved and robust data security measures that ensure that your confidential data is safe.
  • Use of the latest and advanced software for reconciliation services.
  • Compliance with regulatory legislations like the Sarbanes-Oxley ac.
  • Reconciliation of financial statements in any of the accepted formats.
  • Competitive pricing without compromising on quality.
  • Emphasis on increased financial control for due diligence of financial statements.

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