Software as a service

In today's economy, companies are feeling increased pressure to reduce costs without sacrificing the level of quality and services provided by their IT departments. Although technology is a significant expense for most businesses, it has also been proven to increase productivity, reduce other costs and ultimately improve a company's bottom line.

DDNA Software IT-as-a-Service provides you with very tangible advantages, including:
  • Lower upfront investment, more predictable costs.
  • Rapid solution deployment.
  • Ease-of-use.
  • More responsive service.
  • Real-time and any-time data access.

IT-as-a-service Model
  • Shared Services : Common shared services application delivered on a hosted model, covering support and maintenance of all solutions.
  • Integration of Devices : Alliances with Hardware providers for quality infrastructure and after sales commitments.
  • Top-up Services: Consulting and IT services for niche requirements of the SMBs as a top-up service over and beyond the standard catalogued solutions.

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