Application Management Services

Your enterprise may be dealing with hundreds of applications. DDNA Software’s creates business value through application maintenance services that drive performance leading to increased productivity for your business. Our services have been classified into four categories.

The application performance management capability includes server monitoring, application server monitoring, database monitoring, web services monitoring, virtualization monitoring, cloud monitoring and an array of other application management capability that will help IT administrators manage their resources.

How can DDNA Applications Manager help you?

DDNA Applications Manager helps you with a holistic view to your IT resources. It helps monitor the performance of various components of an application and helps troubleshooting production issues quickly. This helps reduce finger pointing and improves quality of service to end users.

Application Management (AM) provides a methodology and tools that offer visibility into real-time ethics that help manage the key aspects of applications. With our solution, application components are onitored for availability, performance of key business processes, and service-level agreement compliance.

A successfully implemented AM solution will enable system administrator’s application administrators, DBA's, as well as business and executive management to:

  • Routine Services - We deploy these services to rectify, minimize or prevent defects in the supported software from being available and performing in controlled environments.
  • Project Services - This includes delivering enhancements that are to be made to your software and to undertake developments on the existing software.
  • Common Services - General management to ensure that our services are delivered in accordance with requirements.
  • Value Added Services - These services are offered for ensuring a comprehensive record of all of the data gathered, as well as to establish policies, institutionalize practices and conduct training for your staff members .

DDNA Software Provide
  • A comprehensive set of application management services including maintenance, re-engineering, migration and testin.

Our Business Value
  • Reduced system downtime.
  • Enhanced performance.
  • Increased freedom to concentrate on strategic initiatives.
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