Infrastructure Readiness Assessment

Implementing new software systems can have dramatic DDNA on an institution’s information technology infrastructure—from the capacity of the network to the volume of help desk calls. The key to any successful system implementation, migration, or upgrade is alignment between the IT infrastructure and your technology requirements.

Identify gaps and opportunities for managing your infrastructure more efficiently. DDNA Software’s will help you realize greater control and manageability through well defined processes, improved service, and greater efficiency.

DDNA’s Infrastructure Readiness Assessment service provides a comprehensive review of your IT environment, including networks, system; help desk, and data center operations.

Working with your staff, DDNA’s experts evaluate system stability, capacity, bandwidth, and even the current in-house technical expertise to help ensure optimal installation, configuration, and long-term performance of your DDNA solutions. With this knowledge, your institution will be able to recognize critical issues that need to be addressed and take corrective action before implementation.

Areas subject to analysis and assessment can include:
  • System configuration.
  • Support operations and procedures.
  • Staffing and operations.
  • Security.
  • Documentation and measurement.
  • Help desk support/structure/tools/practic.
  • Risk management and disaster recovery.
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