Electronic Project Management System

Managing the varied and complex factors that contribute to the making of a successful project can be quite an ordeal, especially with time and resources being anything but abundant. To help you organize and streamline the various processes of your project in the most effective way, we offer you ePMS - a versatile one-stop solution that caters to all your project management requirements, ranging from the mundane to the highly advanced.

Multiple Benefits, Multiplied Efficiency

ePMS equips your organization with powerful customizable tools to effortlessly handle multiple projects, resources and tasks.

Multiple Project Management

Customize and structure different projects, each with their unique requirements and intricate detailing - all from a single account. Moreover, you can save valuable time and effort in the future by converting projects into templates.

Multiple Resource Management

With employees, clients and staff from different branches all vying for priority access to project details, you need an apt solution. ePMS solves this problem by allowing unlimited users simultaneous access to your account - at any time, from any place.

Multiple Task Management

ePMS provides Project Managers with essential tools to define and track a large number of tasks. With the program's special filters, finding a specific task is always just a click away.

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