TDWS – (Transaction Data Warehouse System)


Traditional data warehouse system describes four maturity levels for a data warehouse, the highest being the "Integrated data warehouse", where triggers in the operational systems keep the data warehouse immediately updated, and new transactions from the data warehouse are immediately written back to operational systems. But the number of different operational systems, the absence of proper legacy system API's, and the difference in transactional level between the data warehouse and operational systems make this unattainable for most enterprises.

Insightful decision making commands a premium in today’s competitive world. Meeting the demand for business intelligence, advanced analytics, data warehousing, data mining, predictive modeling, stringent regulations and blazingly fast reporting requires more than a traditional data management system can handle. DDNA offers you a smarter way to deliver high-performance enterprise analytics without blowing your budget or abandoning the investments you’ve made in technology and knowledge resource.

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