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Information Management Services personnel have been providing complete Document Image Capture, Data Capture and Storage Solutions. Our main goal is to simplify complex processes and rapidly deploy the right mix of scanners, software and professional services to solve your document management problems. DDNA works with our clients to ensure that your personnel are trained and supported to maintain your imaging system at the same level of effectiveness and efficiency as it was when it was initially installed. DDNA understands that technology only becomes a solution of lasting value when trained and experienced support services are applied to maintain the implementation at optimal performance.

The DDNA Industry Solution Maps help you address the business challenges you and your business face day-to-day and focus on key industry segment scenarios. Oriented along a generic industry value chain, the scenario-oriented Maps document and illustrate the end-to-end business processes (business scenarios) of a typical enterprise in a certain industry, showing the relationship of the enterprise with suppliers and partners, customers and channel.

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Optimize the processes that govern your business-to-business,
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