Database Maintenance and Support

Applications are what your company and end users depend upon to run your business, and databases are what your applications depend upon to run efficiently and with integrity. Managing databases is an integral and critical part of application management that ensures that the information stored in your databases is available at all times and that its integrity is maintained.

Some database environments require significant involvement from database administrators (DBAs) while others may only require that a DBA be available. In either case, a company depends upon instant reaction, troubleshooting and resolution of database issues, which not every company is equipped to do. Many companies only have part-time DBAs or employees whose role is divided between DBA functions and application development. Such companies may benefit from DDNA database maintenance and support service.


Companies who outsource DBA maintenance and support functions to DDNA can focus their energy on maintaining and improving their applications. DDNA can remotely perform standard DBA maintenance activities, make database modifications to adapt to application enhancements, apply preventive database maintenance to reduce the risk of problems, and troubleshoot database-related issues. DDNA can provide reports related to database management activity, utilization and capacity trends, including exception reports. This allows your company to focus its energy on your business applications, knowing that your databases will always be able to support them.

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