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As data volumes grow in mission critical databases, business agility is impacted as application performance deteriorates. Regulatory compliance, the business value of data and potential data security threats are requiring enterprises to evaluate their data management strategies and implement solutions that solve today's data management challenges. Because the value of data to the business changes over time, proactively implementing an information lifecycle strategy can address these challenges, mitigating risk, lowering TCO and improving business performance.

The solution offers organizations the ability to:
  • Classify data based on its business value and regulatory impact for tiered storage and information security.
  • Improve peak performance of critical applications by offloading historical or inactive data while maintaining transparent access to archived data from the native application.

Information lifecycle management (ILM) is a holistic approach to managing data in Enterprise Applications from creation and storage to its disposal. ILM goes beyond storage, by including facets of managing data at every stage of its lifecycle - creation, protection, migration, securing, archiving and eventual disposal of data and is a comprehensive strategy for profit management, for risk reduction and for maximizing the most from your enterprise-wide information assets.

Implementing ILM best practices with DDNA EDMS, organizations can:
  • Implement a data management strategy for compliance, regulation and business continuity.
  • Reduce costs through storage optimization.
  • Secure data throughout the entire data lifecycle.
  • Create a system for long term data retention and application retirement.
  • Increase productivity among application users.
  • Reduce IT maintenance associated with large data volumes.
  • Reduce high cost infrastructure in production systems.
  • Implement a comprehensive data management strategy.

DDNA provides the solution for managing your data holistically accounting for compliance, cost, and security. With quantifiable improvement across the enterprise, gain risk reduction, improved performance, lower costs and improved operational efficiencies.

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